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 Is your group or organization interested in raising money and want something just a little different?  If so, you are at the right place. is offering a fundraising opportunity where you earn CASH, not a lot of product.
Payments and fee information
1.  There is a $25 preparation charge for all sales events.  This is refundable with $500 or more of sales.

2.  How are payments handled?  

Payment will be made at retail with a hold on a credit card before the merchandise is shipped.

3.  We will have an agreed upon date for when merchandise must be returned to   The organization will fill out the inventory sheet provided by to show what they are returning.  

After this is received with the unsold merchandise, the total sales less commission will be charged to the credit card or other agreed on payment.  

4.  If merchandise in not received back to by the agreed on date, there will be a full charge applied to the credit card hold.  If merchandise is returned after the agreed on date, there is a late fee of $50.  There are no returns 30 days after the agreed on date.

5.  Shipping:  There is a $30 shipping fee for all products to be shipped from the studio in Bloomington, WI.  The shipping fee to return unsold goods to is the responsibility of the organization.

6.  All merchandise returned MUST be in the same condition it was shipped out in.  All tags must still be attached to the merchandise.  

7.  If any merchandise is special ordered to be personalized with team names, initials, monograms or special team colors, it is nonreturnable.

How does it work?

I will make my  products available to your organization to sell. You will have the actual product and will sell the product at your event or during your agreed on time frame.  There will be no orders to take.  Your customer will see the product, make their selections, pay for the product and take it home with them. You will have no deliveries to be made later.

I will work directly with a representative from your organization and discuss what items they are most interested in selling and how much product they would like to have on hand for your event. 

How much money can my organization make during a fundraiser?

Your organization will earn a commission of 10% up to 50% of your total  sales from the products you sell.  

My products are very reasonable priced for your customers to purchase.  Each product is unique and individually made in our studio.  We want your organization to be successful in their fundraising and for your customers to enjoy our products.  

See my contact page to get more information about this opportunity for your group.  Please leave a phone number where I can talk to a representative for your group and we can discuss details.